Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is awful, just awful. And pumpkins.

Is awful... awful or aweful? I think its awful.

What a weird looking weird.

Anyways, back on subject. I just realized how little I've been posting lately. I've been kind of busy (I'm not gonna say really busy because that would be a lie) so I haven't had much time and my attention has somewhat drifted from blogging. University is starting soon for me so I've been sort of wrapped up in getting ready for that.

I'm actually not nervous about it at all. I mean, I probably will be once I get there, but for now, I'm fine. I'm more nervous about the tattoo I'm getting this Thursday... ohmygosh. My parents know, obviously, and I'm 18 so they have no say in it, but I'm still kind of upset. My dad's fine with it, but my mom thought that I wasn't getting it so when I reminded her of it she got all mad. Like, shut up, really? At least my tattoo means something. I'm getting a pumpkin on my back just between my shoulder blades. Everyone gives me a weird look when I tell them I'm getting a pumpkin.

The reason I'm getting a pumpkin is because of my papa. He died when I was 5 so I don't remember him much, but we were really, really close and my family didn't have any issues before he died. After he passed, all Hell broke loose in my family, so I want to remember him. He used to call me his 'little punkin' and yes I know I misspelled it but thats how he said it. So thats why I'm getting a pumpkin.

My mom seems to think that tattoos are labels. If you have one, you're a badass. She keeps saying I'm gonna have short hair when I'm like 50 (which I will not, I hate short hair on me) and she keeps saying I'll have to cover it. Sure, they're bad for professionalism if they're showing, but I'm gonna make sure its not showing all the time.

PLUS: Times have changed. Tattoos are not a big deal anymore. Sure, its bad if you get a bunch of meaningless ones. Even some tattoos that have meaning are still kind of lame. But this one is not lame. Its good, and I will not be ashamed of it when I'm older. Its disrespectful to the memory of my papa.

Love you Papa. xoxo.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Watch me fail.

Alright, so in my last post I said that I was thinking of getting into drawing... Well, I've drawn two pictures so far and, like I think I may have said, I'm not horrible, thats for sure. I just can't find my freaking pencil crayons. Ugh! So annoying!

So, if any of you have a deviantart (or just feel like looking) my username is love-inthemaking. I don't have anything up yet, but there will probably will be within the next week. :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

An AHA Moment

This is gonna another thing I post regularly.

Recently I have discovered that I am very boring, therefore I am considering taking up a hobby. Or is it... hobbIE? Who knows.
I'm thinking drawing because recently I've been on deviantart a lot. It could be fun, and I'm actually not too bad at it when I really focus.

Of course, for me, focusing has always been hard...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday's Savvy Reviews: Charlie St. Cloud

This was one of those movies that I kind of knew I would love as soon as I saw the trailer for it. First of all: Zefron. Gotta love him. Actually, I've always been kind of a sceptic when it comes to his looks. Every girl in the world seems to think he's so hot; I thought he was just ehh until I saw this movie. Now he is smoookin hawt.


I thought this movie would be sort of predictable, because I didn't know it was about ghosts. But it was a nice touch; I like the mix of the paranormal and romance and mystery. It was a good balance, and I loved Charlie's character, along with Sam's as well. It was nice seeing Zac do something a bit more serious. Personally, I think he should stick with the serious stuff. He's getting older and maturing. The teeny-bopper stuff is getting old for him (I'm glad HSM is over, ahem).

At times throughout, I felt it was a bit cheesy, but not over-the-top. The twists surprised me, and I felt myself being shocked throughout the movie. This is sort of a short review, I know, but I really liked it. I may even be going to see it again tomorrow. Zac is shirtless for quite awhile in it, so really, girls? How can you not resist?

A Simple List of Things That Inspire Me

As I am sitting here, trying to think of how the fourth chapter of my story on fictionpress will go, I am trying to picture how exactly I get inspired. I love being inspired. The feeling always fills me up and I feel like I can rule the world. So, I'm going to make a good list of things that inspire me to be creative and to be... amazing. Hah. :)

1. Love songs - I know this sounds so cliche, but they do. Especially the really dramatic ones that have so much meaning in them.

2. People - This sounds odd as well, but its true. I have a job where I am in constant contact with different people, and I get to hear their stories a lot. Their stories inspire me.

3. Movies - Yes, movies inspire me. The latest film inspiration would probably be Mamma Mia! I love that movie. I would love to go to Greece one day, just because of that movie.

4. Children - This sounds so weird, I know! But I love kids, so much! Their liveliness and their imaginations inspire me.

5. My dreams - I have odd dreams, like seriously odd. They have involved Barbie cars, toy dinosaurs, flying robots, Severus Snape, and many other things.

6. Boys - Self explanatory. I love them, and they inspire me to take better care of myself. I'm one of those girls that are always worrying about how I look. I'm awful, I know. But at least I admit it.

7. Colors - I tend to wear a lot of bright colors. In fact, at my work, I'm known for that. Bright colors make me happy, and they make life more vivid.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Some friendships these days.

I have a horrible habit of letting people push me around. Its even worse when these people are my "friends". My mother has told me repeatedly that I need to hang out with more different people. Its not like my best friend is a bad person and does bad things... I just depend on her too much. I'm a very depending person. Thats my problem.

So right now, as I type this I am being text-yelled at by my "best friend" who had fallen asleep last night when she had known that my parents had wanted her to pick me up after work. Why she would go to bed when she knew she had to pick me up in two hours, I don't know. But the thing that upsets me most is how important guys are to her. Its happened more than once, and this is what bothers me: every time a guy comes into her life, he is her whole life, like she spends almost every waking moment even with him, or talking to him, or talking about him. I have learned balance, but it seems she has not.

Why do girls do this? Why are boys so freeking important? If you don't talk to him for 15 minutes is he just gonna break up with you? No. Probably not. And it kills me that this is actually why I'm upset with my best friend right now, because it is such a lame topic. Its so misunderstood and you only understand when its not happening to you. To any girl (such as my "best friend") it is just a relationship, and nothing out of the ordinary happens until someone says something. SO I'M SAYING SOMETHING, ASHLEY.

What worries me about this is that I have the feeling it will be like this as long as she and I know each other. We have already told each other we wanted each other to be our maid of honors' at our weddings. What if this happens with the guy she's going to marry? What am I supposed to say as the maid of honor? You freeking stole my best friend. F*%$ you. Will I even want to be her maid of honor? In that situation (if its anything like the situation right now) probably not. Thats right, I said it.

Now as Im reading my text messages, it looks like she is forcing me into an apology, after she was the one who didn't pick me up.

And I know that I once said I want to focus on positiveness, but I know what is deserved for something that is done wrong. So you know whats the best in these situations? Freeking bitchy apologies.