Saturday, August 7, 2010


This has been bothering me for awhile.
(Not really)
Well, I think I've made up a good pros and cons list for both.

Daniel is up first!
He's British. Enough said. You know you love that accent and you know its hot.
He's really rich. I'm not a gold digger, but that is always a plus.
Harry Potter is actually supposed to be British. It's only a coincedence that Daniel is as well.
He's ripped. Yeah, I know you were thinking about it too.
He is the original Harry Potter. He is.

I'm pretty sure he smokes. That's gross. Enough said.
He gets hit on by Moaning Myrtle. That's just weird.
Facial hair gone out of hand. Sometimes that facial hair just looks dirty. I don't like it.
His lips bother me. They're weird looking and in every movie they're just unnaturally red...
Well, I guess he wears makeup then. I can't think of any more cons for this boy.

Darren's up!
That voice. It could make me cry. Its just so amazing.
He plays guitar. I love boys that can sing AND play guitar. And he plays it very well.
He's so humble. He's just like one of those people that will stay real no matter how much spotlight they get. I love that.
He's so adorable. He looks like a teddy bear. A very attractive teddy bear.
He hangs out with drunk Snape. And I'm cool with that.

He doesn't get the attention he deserves. He's still pretty under the radar... This isn't a bad thing. Why is this here?!
He doesn't have any cons. I can't think of anything else to say. He's just too great.

Well, that concludes the showdown. Honestly, I love them both... I just really couldn't think of anything bad to say about Darren. He's too amazing. (So, for me, personally... he's better).

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