Friday, August 6, 2010

Why goodmorning?

So, last night, a friend of mine came over and I was just sitting there, watching her eat after a long day at work. I had already created my blog and my first post was done. Then I started wondering...

Why the Hell did I call it good morning, smell the caffeine?

Its so... random. Unuseful. Irrelevant. This is a blogging site, not a damned coffee shop.

Well, I'll tell you why I named it that... Originally, it was because I was listening to Darren Criss's cover of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and every time he says 'GOOD MORNING, BELLE' I swoon. So, that was originally why. I'm no liar.

But really... what's so special about good morning?


Tell me now, have you ever been told good morning in a bad tone? With negative ambience? Probably not. I want to focus on positiveness.

In my life, I have faced a lot of negative situations. Good morning is the cue for a new day, it makes people smile even with the worst of hangovers (ha). Therefore I think when people hear it, they become happy or at least have a different outlook on something they once thought was... eh. This world is becoming more negative and harsh year by year, so some happiness couldn't hurt, right?



So, today I bid you a good morning! Have an excellent day.


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