Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's Savvy Reviews: AVPM

I'm going to start a routine where I do a review on something random, or something not completely random... on Sundays. Hence the name Savvy Sundays! But they will always be something that I like in general, or know quite a bit about. This week, it will be AVPM (A Very Potter Musical, for those of you who are ill-informed). I know this is a little late as AVPM was put on youtube just over a year ago, but I'm somewhat a new fan, and I only just created this blog a few days ago... So, comon now.

First off, I think the overall idea of a Harry Potter musical is brilliant. It's unique. I don't think it was done before Team Starkid did it. And to take something as serious (if you could call it serious) and put a comedic spin on it... Bravo. Humour was added at very favorable times (example, Cho Chang's entrance) and was executed very well. I tell many of my friends that aren't huge Harry Potter fans that you don't have to like Harry Potter to find this musical hilarious. Because its quite hilarious beyond itself.

The music was overly pretty enjoyable, although I find myself humming the songs to its sequel more often. My favorites from AVPM are Goin Back to Hogwarts, Harry, and Not Alone (all of them with lyrics from my fave, Darren Criss). Different As Can Be is also one I find myself listening to because of the humour in the lyrics, thanks to AJ Holmes. Pigfarts is also techinally on this list. Is it even considered a song?

The script was amazing. So much humour, so little time. Does that make sense? Oh well.

"I learned something when I had my body back, Quirrell. I learned that life is... well, its messy. And complicated. And you think that killing people will make them like you, but... but, it doesn't. It just makes them dead."


Talent-wise, I think that (in MY opinion) Darren (Harry), Joe (Voldemort), Jaime Lyn (Ginny), and Tyler (Cedric) stood out the most. Brian (Quirell) was also quite talented. I think he didn't get enough singing time, as his voice was AMAZING. In my opinion, still.

If anyone objects to anything, feel free to comment. Overall, I looooved the musical. It's hilarious, and it will never get old. I was always emphasis the word 'FIND' whenever I say it, because of Starkid. Thank you for humoring me, you're all so talented. You are my new obsession. Not creepy at all.

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